Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be the most significant room in your house but unfortunately it rarely is. You spend more time in your bedroom than in any other room in your home and it's where you start and end your day; why not love your room? Start first with your bed frame - no matter what mattress and box spring you choose a solid frame will make a huge difference in your comfort. Now match that up with nightstands, dressers, chests and artwork and you'll soon have a room that you may never want to leave.

We are fortunate to be able to carry some of the finest makers of hand crafted wood furniture in the country. As you will see around this site and especially in the store we have a special affinity for Tiger Maple. Tiger Maple is a very unusual and rare wood; it cannot be planted on purpose, it is a complete fluke of nature and one that does not reveal itself until the maple logs get to the lumber mill. It only occurs in about 1% of maple trees and is also called "fiddleback" maple. If you've ever seen a high end violin, viola or cello you may have noticed that the back and sides are made from Tiger Maple. Many of the most desired electric guitars are also made from Tiger Maple. One great thing about Tiger Maple is that because of all the different tones in the stripes it can be placed in a room with almost any other wood. We carry several makers of Solid Cherry, Oak, Maple, Pine and Mahogany furniture as well.
Links to our makers:Stephen Plaud, Marshall James