The All Good Things Must Come To An End
Retirement/Store Closing Sale is in its Final 9 days!

Our Christmas Decorations and Wreaths are
now out and are 50% Off!
Sorry, Cash or Check only on seasonal items.
Credit cards still accepted on non-seasonal items.
Save 50% to 70% Off EVERYTHING
until September 30th!

Thank You

We would like to sincerely thank each and every one of our customers over the past 17 years for your business and your trust in us. It is with deep sadness that due to the closing of several of our key furniture makers, the loss of some of our oriental lamp suppliers as well as the wear and tear on our bodies that we have decided to retire from the furniture business and will be closing the store.

Everything in stock is on sale from 40% to 70% off. With the amount of furniture we have on order for our customers we anticipate being open at least until September 30th.

Sincerely, Ellen & Jeff